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Ski and Snowboard Guiding

The Mountain Guides from Alpine School St.Anton are the Experts for “Off Piste Skiing” and “Ski Touring” in the Arlberg Region!

“We know where to find the best snow and where it is still untracked. Depending on your skills we will find the ideal terrain for you to improve and enjoy an exciting day”.

Our Office will check availability and will make sure you get the ideal guide for your specific request. We make sure our Guide leads a snowboard group on a snowboard, a ski group on skies and telemark group on telis.

Prices for Off Piste and Touring

1 Person                € 360,- per day
2 Persons              € 430,- per day
3 Persons              € 490,- per day
4 Persons              € 540,- per day
5 Persons              € 580,- per day
6 Persons              € 610,- per day
7 Persons              € 630,- per day

10 % discount for bookings more than 3 days!

Including safety-gear* free of charge!

*Tranceiver, Shovel, Probe.

Ski Guiding

The Arlberg is the “Off Piste and Freeriding Mekka” in Europe and for sure one of the top resorts worldwide. We know this place like the back of our hand and we are happy to show you our secret spots.

St.Anton offers such a broad variety of off-piste possibilities we can guarantee to find itineraries under any circumstances for any ski level. So even in bad weather you could have the best day out skiing with us.

The first thing we have in mind is your safety. We will always choose the runs we ski with you under consideration of the avalanche grade and your skiing abilities.

Off Piste

Depending on your abilities you get a good mixture in between guiding and instruction. So when you are beginner in off piste skiing, we will make sure you improve with us.


It doesn’t matter, if it is your first ski tour ever or if you are already an experienced ski mountaineer. The Arlberg offers endless back country opportunities for everyone.

Where you find us

Anton Guides
Alpine School St.Anton
+43 650 898 0650

Meeting Point St.Anton

Heli Skiing Mehlsack by Marc Salomon: The high light in the Arlberg

Descent from Stuttgarter Hütte to Pazieltal Valley,  filmed by Paul Held

Photo on the very top by Robert Aldin: Guide Paul Held getting face shots in “Schöngraben/Kapall”.